MBJB has categorized cleaning works into two (2) which are :-

 Solid Waste Disposal Works

Residential Dustbin Commercial Dustbin
Model     : Wheeled Litter Bin - MGB 120 (With wheels and fitting lid) Model     : Wheeled Litter Bin - MGB 240 (With wheels and fitting lid)
Material    : HD. PE - Linear Polyethylene Material    : HD. PE - Linear Polyethylene
Capacity : 120 Litres Capacity : 240 Litres
Dimensions   : 480 x 540 x 950 mm (length x width x height) Dimensions   : 580 x 715 x 1070 mm (length x width x height)

Category : Residential / Commercial

1. For residential areas, schedule for refuse collection is 3 days per week :

a. Monday / Wednesday / Friday

b. Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

2. For commercial areas, schedule for refuse collection is on a daily basis except for Sundays.

3. For the scheduled day, refuse must be placed inside a plastic bag, securely tied, and placed into the dustbin.

4. Dustbin must be placed outdoors, outside of residential/premise on the scheduled date of collection.

5. Apart from the scheduled day, dustbins can be kept within the residential/premise area.

Responsibility of Residents/House Owners

1) Provide one (1) unit of dustbin with wheels and fitting lid with a capacity of 80-120 litres for each residence (terrace/semi-detached/detached).


2) Refuse which can be recycled (glass bottles, plastic, paper and cans) must be separated from food waste.


3) Food waste must be placed in a plastic, tied securely and inserted into the dustbin.

4) The dustbin must be placed on the outer side of the fenced area during the scheduled refuse collection days. Refuse which can be recycled must be placed in a plastic bag and placed next to the dustbin or delivered to a nearby recycling collection centre. Once the refuse is collected, the dustbin must be stored within the fenced area.



5) If the refuse collection or other relevant matters associated with this duty fails to be conducted, please contact the following hotline :

i)    1 800 222 800 SWM Sdn Bhd (24 hours)
ii)    019-7780200 SMS hotline for SWM Sdn Bhd
iii)    07-2282605 MBJB (office hours)

6) If you wish to find out on the refuse collection schedule within your area, you can contact the above hotline or refer to the notice board placed at housing areas.

Notice Board

Disposal of Solid Waste, Tree Trimmings & Used Items

1) To date, there is no prescribed collection schedule for the types of solid wastes mentioned above as its shapes, sizes, quantity, and frequency differs.
2) However, MBJB provides means for the public to acquire the following services via the following methods:

i)    By contacting the solid waste concession companies
ii)    By collaborating with the residential committee through gotong royong activities
iii)    By contacting MBJB through hotline 07-2282605 or visit the website at



Disposal of Commercial, Hotel, & Industrial Solid Waste

1) According to Undang-undang Kecil Pungutan, Pembuangan dan Pelupusan Sampah Sarap (MBJB) 1981 [Collection, Removal and Disposal of Refuse By-Laws (MBJB) 1981], this service is categorised as a paid service based on load capacity.
2) According to the By-Laws, for disposal of industrial solid waste, each operator is responsible for disposing off their own solid wastes (other than the Scheduled Waste) to the disposal site of MBJB.
3) Operators can conduct the disposal works using lorries to the disposal site based on the prescribed standards or by appointing any MBJB-registered solid waste disposal contractor. To acquire the list of contractors can contact the hotline number at 07-2282605.
4) MBJB has required all hotel, commercial, and industrial operators to dispose off the solid waste through these methods as a condition for approval of their respective business premise licences.


Disposal of Construction Waste Materials

1) According to the same By-Laws, this service is categorised as a paid service based on load capacity.
2) Premise owners/construction contractors are held responsible in disposing off the construction waste materials to the disposal sites. The premise owners or construction contractors can contact the Solid Waste Disposal concession companies or MBJB as per the hotline above.


Scheduled Waste Disposal

1) Residents are NOT allowed to dispose off the Scheduled Waste to the MBJB Waste Disposal Site as allocated according to the Akta Kualiti Alam Sekeliling 1974 (Environmental Quality Act 1974).
2) For the disposal of Scheduled Waste, you may contact the Johor Bahru Environment Department at 07-2356042

Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) has the vision of establishing Johor Bahru City as an International City.

Hence, the commitment of residents is essential in educating family members, and to preserve the cleanliness of the city.

In caring for the environmental cleanliness, domestic refuse must be placed inside a plastic bag before being placed into a dustbin.

All city dwellers should prepare a dustbin at their respective homes. MBJB will conduct refuse collection 3 times a week from residential areas and 6 times a week from shop house areas.

For the disposal of solid wastes such as tree trimmings and used items, please contact the following telephone number or e-mail address provided.


Inquiry & Complaint
Please Contact :
Southern Waste
Management & Environment
1 800 880 200
Municipal Service pision, MBJB
07-228 2605
1 300 88 0146

Area Cleaning

Area cleaning duties involves cutting of grass on Government reserve land (such as roadsides), cleaning of roadside drains and cleaning of streets. Such duties do not include the administration territories of apartments, condominiums, institutes or business complexes as the maintenance must be undertaken by the Management Body of the complex. The council has stated that area cleaning is conducted as below:

 Grass Cutting 2 times per month
 Drain Cleaning 2 times per month
 Road Sweeping

 2 times per month (residential areas)

 Daily (shop house areas)




Responsibility of Residents

1) Public drains must not be covered
2) Farming activities are prohibited on MBJB reserve lands
3) Any forms of activities are prohibited from being conducted on drains
4) Littering into the drains or MBJB reserves is also strictly prohibited
5) Please contact the hotline below for complaints:

a. 1 800 222 800 SWM Sdn Bhd (24 hours)
b. 019-7780200 - SMS SWM Sdn Bhd hotine
c. 07-2282605 MBJB (office hours)


Jadual Pungutan Sampah

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