MS ISO 9001 : 2008 can be defined as a written standard which outlines the basic requirements and guidelines in a particular Quality Management System.

A well-organised work system based on international standard requirements as well as possessing identified processes. Such processes are documented, implemented and controlled.
The system will also produce products and services of consistant quality.


Quality Document

The Johor Bahru City Council has provided an MS ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Document as follows :

1. Quality Manual
2. Main process of Development Control
3. Main Process of Property Tax Management
4. Business Control Process
5. Main Process of Hygiene Management
6. Supporting Procedure
7. Management Procedure




The Johor Bahru City Council MS ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System is effective beginning 1st June 2009

Top Management of MS ISO 9001 : 2008

Mayor of Johor Bahru City Council

Management Representative

Secretary of Johor Bahru City Council

Deputy Management Representative

Director of Corporate & Public Relations, Johor Bahru City Council


Dasar Kualiti


Johor Bahru City Council is committed to improve the harmony of citizens via a balanced economic boost, structured development and efficient resources management.

Johor Bahru City Council will ensure that clients’ needs and necessities are fulfilled in line with the legislation via implementation of a continuous improvement based on MS ISO 9001

List of Quality Procedures


BUILDING CONTROLNo.TitleReferenceDocument Supervisor1. Planning Permission ApprovalPK(P)-MBJB(B)-01Director of Planning2. Building Plan ApprovalPK(P)-MBJB(B)-02Director of Building3. Infrastructure Plan Support And DeclarationPK(P)-MBJB(B)-03Director of Engineering4. Action of Enforcement on PlanningPK(P)-MBJB(B)-04Director of Planning5. Action of Enforcement on Non-Approved ConstructionPK(P)-MBJB(B)-05Director of Building6. Action of Technical Auditing on Infrastruction Plan WorksPK(P)-MBJB(B)-06Director of EngineeringPROPERTY TAX MANAGEMENTBil.TitleReferenceDocument Provider1. General Re-avaluation for Provision of Valuation ListPK(P)-MBJB(C)-01Director of Assessment2. Amendment On Valuation ListPK(P)-MBJB(C)-02Director of Assessment3. Handing of Objection Towards EvaluationPK(P)-MBJB(C)-03Director of Assessment4. Issuance of Bill and Receiving Property Tax PaymentPK(P)-MBJB(C)-04Director of Finance5. Property Tax Outstanding ClaimPK(P)-MBJB(C)-05Director of FinanceBUSINESS CONTROLNo.TitleReferenceDocument Supervisor1. Issuance of business premise and advertisement licensePK(P)-MBJB(L)-01Director of Assessment2. Renewal of business premise and advertisement licensePK(P)-MBJB(L)-02Director of Assessment3. Termination of business premise and advertisement licensePK(P)-MBJB(L)-03Director of Assessment4. Application on appeal of premise licensePK(P)-MBJB(L)-04Director of Finance5. Issue of new license approved by licensing committee to hawkersPK(P)-MBJB(L)-05Director of Finance
List of Quality Procedures


SUPPORTING PROCEDURENo.TitleReferenceDocument Supervisor1. Document controlPK(S)-MBJB(B)-01Director of Management Service2. Quality record controlPK(S)-MBJB(B)-02Management Service Assistant Director (Human Resource & Administration)3. Internal auditPK(S)-MBJB(B)-03Head of Audit4. Controlling of services not adhering to specificationsPK(S)-MBJB(B)-04Director of Management Services5. Corrective actionPK(S)-MBJB(B)-05Director of Management Services6. Preventive actionPK(S)-MBJB(B)-06Director of Management ServicesHYGIENE MANAGEMENTNo.TitleReferenceDocument Provider1. Inspection of food premise gradingPK(P)-MBJB(K)-01Pengarah Kesihatan2. Fumigation works for dengue fever disease controlPK(P)-MBJB(K)-02Pengarah Kesihatan3. Regulating solid waste disposal & general cleaning worksPK(P)-MBJB(K)-03Pengarah KesihatanPROSEDUR PENGURUSANNo.TitleReferenceDocument Supervisor1. Re-study of managementPK(Peng)-MBJB-01Director of Management Service2. Budget monitoring and preparationPK(Peng)-MBJB-02Assistant Director of Finance (Account & Expenditure)3. EarningsPK(Peng)-MBJB-03Assistant Director of Finance (Material Access)4. Building, equipment, and vehicle maintenancePK(Peng)-MBJB-04Deputy Director of Management Service (Information Technology)5. Client's feedbackPK(Peng)-MBJB-05Head of Public Relations Division6. Staff developement trainingPK(Peng)-MBJB-06Assistant Director of Management Service (Training & Examination)7. Data analysisPK(Peng)-MBJB-07Assistant Director of Management Service (Privatisation)8. Implementation of enforcement actionPK(Peng)-MBJB-08Head Legal Affairs and Enforcement Division9. Management of confiscated goodsPK(Peng)-MBJB-0910. Auctioning of confiscated goodsPK(Peng)-MBJB-10Legal Affairs Advisor11. Penalty actionPK(Peng)-MBJB-1112. Payment managementPK(Peng)-MBJB-12Dircetor of Finance13. Meeting managementPK(Peng)-MBJB-13Assistant Director of Service (Human Resource & Administration)